Cheyenne Ladd

Cheyenne Ladd

Coach / CFL1


CrossFit Level 1 Certification

About Coach

Prior to finding CrossFit, I placed very little focus on what I put into my body. I grew up extremely active in a dance company. Several hours of practice every week (and being young) countered my poor nutrition. As I dove into CrossFit, my eyes were opened to the importance of fueling and caring for myself. Nutrition plays such an important role, but I’ve also learned so much about supplements, stretching, mobility, and rest! As a coach, I strive to continue learning and passing knowledge on to our athletes. CrossFit isn’t just about challenging workouts, it’s about everything we can do to live long, active lives!

Turning Point

After having my second child and falling into a working mom routine, self-care became a low priority. A friend convinced me to join a local gym and I was immediately hooked on the feeling of accomplishment I had each day that I finished a workout. After a couple of years, I came across a social media post advertising a community CrossFit workout. I battled my internal doubt and fear of fitting in and convinced myself to show up. That day changed my life. The workout was fun and the community was so supportive! Since that day, CrossFit has been an important part of my life.

Motivation & Passion

I love sharing the ways CrossFit can improve daily life! Before starting CrossFit, I’d take my kids to the park and basically wander around keeping an eye on them. After joining CrossFit, I was able to participate! We’d ride bikes to the park, cross the monkey bars and run around playing tag. As a coach, I want to help everyone live life to the fullest!

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